Emir of Gwandu, Muhammadu Bashar.

A Nigerian Emir has blamed parents for not instilling enough discipline in their children, resulting in a rise of insecurity in the country where the security forces are struggling to fight kidnappings and an Islamist insurgency.

The Emir of Gwandu, Muhammadu Bashar, also put rape and homosexuality on the list of the country’s ills.

He was speaking at prayers in the north-western state of Kebbi, to mark Eid al-Adha.

He said the society today is bedeviled with cases of rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, kidnapping and rampant killings which has resulted to the present insecurity, Nigeria is faced with.

The Emir warned that unless people avoid sin and parents remain committed to “imbibing good family values”, Nigeria would continue to face instability.

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