Moroccan Sahara sees quantum leap in dev’t under the watch of Rabat


By Napoleon Ato Kittoe

The authorities in Morocco have firmly stated that the Moroccan Sahara has undergone more remarkable infrastructural development than it did before 1975, when Spain relinquished control. 

Delivering a speech on the treasured anniversary of Green March in Rabat, the King of Morocco said there was the need to add to this by incorporating the Sahara part of the country into the project to improve the maritime industry within the scope of Africa’s blue economy.

“Ours is an integrated value system which has enabled us to consolidate our accomplishments in various sectors, particularly with respect to promoting development in our southern provinces and consecrating the Moroccanness of those territories within the international community,” King Mohammed VI said. 

Whilst expressing love for the Moroccan Sahara part of his kingdom, the King extended gratitude to countries that recognise the oneness of Morocco and the country’s oversight of the Sahara part under the autonomy plan initiated by the government in Rabat.

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