18th June, 2021


Daily Graphic urges government to speed up negotiations towards the clearing of structures that are impeding the development of rail transport. It says development of the rail sector holds so many advantages including the safe transportation of thousands of citizens daily across the cities as pertains in other places where rail transport is well developed. Also, it frees the roads from the intense traffic that is experienced on a daily basis and which hampers productivity, lowers the high rate of road accidents and also enable the roads to last longer as heavy goods will be transported by rail. The Graphic calls for the sensitization of the people to the benefits to be derived from the development of the rail sector.

The Ghanaian Times commends government for its move to provide more hospitals across the country. It says healthy individuals are much more efficient and productive than unhealthy ones as they are able to realize their potential and play an important role in socio-economic development. The paper notes that the financial burden diseases put on families and the country is overwhelming. Thus, businesses cannot expand under such circumstances to create more jobs making it very difficult for government to calculate the total burden it bears to provide healthcare to the public. The Times therefore appeals to the state to enhance its emphasis on preventive healthcare to reduce its disease burden.

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