24 August, 2020


The Ghanaian Times applauds the NPP and CPP, particularly the ruling party for the successful launch of its manifesto that captures the policies, plans and programmes the party promises to implement, as it seeks the renewal of its mandate by the electorate in the December 7 general election. The paper reminds all political parties that, in addition to all what they seek to do, there is the need for inclusive development, so that no one is left behind. For the CPP, the Times applauds the rank and file of the party for working tirelessly to put its structures in place and for reinvigorating the party towards regaining power. It congratulates the CPP’s flagbearer, Ivor Greenstreet for winning the mandate and getting the nod of delegates again to lead the party in the December 7 polls. The Ghanaian Times also commend all newly elected party officials and urges them to work harder with the rank and file to achieve the goals of the party.

The Daily Graphic says more government spending on public investment projects and public services, as well as greater oversight on how market activity influences society, must be the focus, going forward. It is of the view of the paper that to build back a better economy after the Covid 19 pandemic, Ghanaians must put social and environmental well-being ahead of private profit. According to the paper, it is therefore crucial that as the economy recovers, the debate on how high government spending should be financed should go beyond the “there is no alternative” view of economic policy.

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