The Ghanaian Times restates a call to the Country’s major Political Parties to proscribe all Vigilante groups within their midst. Citing the recent disturbances at the Ayawaso West Wuogon By-Election, the Times recalls appeals it made in a previous editorial, asking political parties to ban the groups before the eventuality happens. On the recent incident at Ayawaso West Wuogon, the Times joins the-all-round condemnation, saying it is baffling that some government officials have claimed responsibility for the mayhem. The paper says the move appears to have added to the complexities in dealing with vigilante groups in the country. It is in this light that the Times welcomes the establishment of the three-member Commission of Inquiry which is tasked to probe the incident. The paper sees the establishment of the Commission as a fine opportunity to deal with the phenomenon.

The Daily Graphic expresses concern over the growing number of individuals who are arrogating to themselves the role of traffic wardens in the event of a breakdown or non-functioning street lights. The paper says aside the men soliciting for money from motorist which is wrong, they also expose themselves to anger and cause more chaotic situations. The Graphic says while the civilian wardens may come in handy in emergencies, the police must have a system in place to swiftly dispatch personnel to intersections and junctions when the need arises, since they are constitutionally mandated to see to law and order on the streets. The Graphic believes this will be a sure way of ensuring sanity and preventing chaotic scenes associated with non- functioning traffic lights.

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