July 22, 2021


The Ghanaian Times expresses worry over the absence of a well-crafted and coordinated plan for successive governments to follow which makes it difficult for the country to achieve sustainable growth and development. It therefore attributes the chaos in sectors of the economy to that problem. It says development plans whether short, medium or long-term will be successful only when the fundamentals are right for their implementation. The Times therefore appeals to government to show urgency and strong political will in ensuring the successful implementation of all its development plans for the benefit of the people. Also there must be long-term plans for successive governments to follow but with provisions for changes, depending on the demands of the day. The paper says the current state of development in the country is not befitting considering the fact that Ghana attained independence the same time as countries like Malaysia which are streets ahead of her in terms of development hence government should create conditions for motivation and enthusiasm on the part of the people to yearn to develop the country.

The Daily Graphic describes the inability of farmers to get fertilizer for 2021 main farming season as a result of the indebtedness of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to fertilizer suppliers of the flagship programme, Planting for Food and Jobs as a serious one which needs to be addressed immediately. It says addressing this will restore confidence in the farmers and also give citizens the assurance that food will always be on their dining table at an affordable price. The paper says the situation where farmers are cutting back on the acreages on their farms and still unable to get fertilizer for their remaining farms is scary. The Graphic reminds government that COVID-19 is still around and anything can happen in the coming years which could threaten food security therefore it is important to urge the Ministries of Finance and Agriculture to ensure that the dealers are paid so that they can bring in fertilizer early enough for the minor season, which is expected to commence in October.

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