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July 27, 2021

The Ghanaian Times commends government for making available 25 million dollars as seed money for the establishment of a National Vaccine Institute to facilitate the development of a local vaccine manufacturing hub in the wake of scarcity of coronavirus vaccines to address the global pandemic. It believes that while Ghanaians wait for the locally-manufactured vaccine, the current vaccination efforts must be sustained. The paper further states that government must also revisit all measures needed to change attitudes such as reigniting operations of the taskforce to aggressively enforce the safety measures. The Times says this is important, given the impact of the pandemic on outcomes.

The Daily Graphic is gutted by the strange development in the game of football in which some players were seen on social media deliberately scoring own goals, so as to engage in more betting. The paper finds the action of the clubs involved, and their players not only awkward but, bizarre, weird, highly appalling, unacceptable and unfortunate. The paper says this act does not cast a slur on the nation’s soccer memory, but could serve as a negative point of reference by football enthusiasts the world over, with the tendency to thwart efforts of government to restore the lost glory in soccer. It is against this background that the Graphic prevails on the Ghana Football Association to take the matter very seriously and get to the very bottom of it, to bring back the love and trust for the game.

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