June 22, 2021


The Daily Graphic highlights the need for a sustainable fund to meet the health needs of the country in times of epidemics. It says if government sets aside 15 percent of GDP for the health sector as agreed under the Abuja Declaration in 2001, it will enable the country to withstand most health shocks and environmental disasters when they occur. The paper is of the view that just as individuals and organizations insure their lives and properties, the people must equally be insured against any unforeseen circumstances. It believes the country must be prepared at all times and not wait till epidemics hit the country before running helter skelter for solutions. The paper therefore calls on Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to commit a proportion of their common fund to epidemic management to guarantee adequate and sustainable financing of the health sector.

The Ghanaian Times says a successful Population and Housing Census will aid policymakers to make realistic development plans like provision of pipe-borne water, and construction of roads, schools, hospitals and track the progress that has been made. It is on this note, that the Times shares the view that no one be allowed to mar the success of the upcoming Population and Housing Census. It adds that the Statistical Service Act 2019 (Act 1003) grants the legal authority to the government statistician to sanction anyone who obstructs the work of the field officers in accordance with the Ghana Statistical Service Legislation. The Times advices the public not to travel to their hometowns for the census since it can be done anywhere.

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