May 19, 2021

The Daily Graphic expresses belief in the Greater Accra Regional Minister’s Campaign to make the capital Accra clean like other charming cities in the world. It says before that can happen, political colours must be put away and not legalize illegalities for fear of losing votes. Also traders must not be encouraged to take over the streets, pedestrians walkways and medians by brazenly mounting kiosks and containers which also serve as homes for the traders. The paper says for the country to sustain the outcome of the decongestion exercise, the city authorities must ensure that people are not permitted to resettle at the cleared places and those found flouting directives must be taken to court, fined and made to do community service as may be determined. Corrupt city guards or officials must also be prosecuted and traders made to sell at designated markets and sanctioned if they leave their shops and stalls to sell on the streets. Bins must also be placed at regular intervals and regularly to prevent indiscriminate littering. The Graphic says just as has been done along the Madina-Adenta road, the medians of roads should be beautified with trees and flowers as pertains in other places so people are not tempted to settle at those places for trading purposes.


The Ghanaian Times commends the Forestry Commission for the ban on the carrying of arms by timber contractors in their concessions. The Paper is happy, the Commission organized a meeting that was attended by the Paramount Chief of Dormaa Traditonal Area and concessioners of forest reserves to find practical solutions to stop the activities of persons who illegally plunder forest resources. The Times believes chiefs play a key role in the fight against illegal tree felling as they are custodians of a greater proportion of the lands and offer pieces to those who need them. It says even those who engage in illegal mining and other illegal activities mention some chiefs as their landlords which makes it difficult to fight such illegal activities. Therefore, the Times believes that teaming up with chiefs and other stakeholders to fight illegal activities in forests is a step in the right direction.


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