Mina, a member of K-Pop group Twice, will not take part in their next world tour because of mental health concerns.

A statement from the girl band’s team said: “Mina is currently struggling with sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage.”

They added that they were “consulting with several medical professionals to verify the cause in detail”.

The nine-strong South Korean group will head to the USA for a series of gigs, but no UK dates are yet scheduled.

The ‘Twicelights’ tour will take the band to Singapore, USA, Mexico and Malaysia

“After extensive discussion with Mina and members of Twice, we have decided that Mina’s current condition requires additional treatment, professional measures, and sufficient resting,” the statement went on.

The hashtag #GetWellSoonMina is trending worldwide, and Billboard’s K-Pop correspondent Tamar Herman wrote on Twitter: “Oh no, poor Mina… Anxiety is a terrible thing to deal with, but it sounds like they’re looking into options to help her face the struggle. I hope that she’s alright.”

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