Rehabilitation of Accra Zoo underway to bring in variety of breeds

Manager of the Achimota Zoo, Steven Tamanja has appealed to government and the media to help promote the zoo, saying its contribution to the country’s tourism cannot be overlooked.

In an Interview with GBCNEWS, Mr. Tamanja said people are oblivious of its existence due to poor publicity. He asked individuals to support the activities of the zoo to ensure its sustenance.

Mr. Tamanja added that management is improving upon existing structures to make the place more attractive, so as to rake in more revenue.

Relocated from its former place, close to Jubilee House, the Accra zoo is currently situated at the far end of the Achimota forest.

Though it has been there since 2006, animal lovers and perhaps the entire country may not be aware of its new location.

The zoo currently has close to 200 animals with more than thirty different spices. Manager of the Zoo, Steven Tamanja said the media should help to promote the zoo.

Mr. Tamanja said the facility is undergoing refurbishment to accommodate new animals. Do you know or have you heard and seen the black crown crane?

If no, visit the Accra zoo and you will see that spectacular bird and many of its sister spices.

Story filed by Ewurabena Paha


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