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“Lending a hand of support to others whilst you are struggling to survive makes a great difference in the lives those at the receiving end.”

A non political group known as the Nandom Advocacy Group (NAG) has actualized or put in motion the above assertion by the writer of this piece by donating medical equipment valued at a little over 25 thousand Ghana Cedis to the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom.

The group is made up the sons and daughters of the Greater Nandom Area of Ghana resident in the United States of America.

The Greater Nandom Area which stretches beyond the political boundaries of the Nandom District, culturally and traditionally include people from Hamile, Piina and Fielmuo among others.

The Package

The items included digital thermometers, six cartons of surgical gloves, suction machines, wheel chairs, pen lights, Otoscope,  denture tray and medicine trolley.

The DDHS back to camera examining some of the items donated

NAG As A safety Net 

NAG was formed less three years ago in the United States of America (USA) with the aim of supporting members in time of need.

It is a known fact that in the Western World, there is no strong social capital like it exists in Africa, and life is highly individualistic with everyone minding his/her business.

“We thought as Africans there is/was the need for us to rally behind ourselves in times of need”, Mr. Nuru stated to underscore the necessity of forming the group (NAG).

Last year, NAG thought that it was important for it to offer some support back home, hence the donation to St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom.


A Representative of the Nandom Advocacy Group (NAG) of USA, Jude Nuru who made the presentation on behalf of the group described the occasion as an honor to him because the event had enabled him to meet his Junior High School (JHS) teacher, who is now DCE for Nandom, Thaddeus Aasolegnang, after 18 years.

A Representative of NAG of USA, Jude Nuru presenting the items to the DCE for Nandom, Thaddeus Arkum Aasoglenang


Mr. Nuru was very grateful to the Health Service Administrator of the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom, John Mikado for the support he gave the group whilst it was liaising with the Hospital towards the donation.

He talked about further collaboration: “The projection of the group is to adopt a medical ward by [through] the recommendation of the management and staff of the Hospital. We cannot determined the which ward is in dire need of support. So the management and staff have to determine that.”

Benefactors’ Key Messages

Mr. Nuru mentioned that the group is not making the donation because its members are rich or enjoying life overseas and that their motivation is based on the need to support home.

“We are entreating management and staff of the hospital to take proper care of the items so as to attract “future donations” not just from the group but from others” he emphasized.”

Mr. said: “Finally, we are appealing to all sons and daughters of the Greater Nandom Traditional Area, not just those living in the United States of America but all over the world, it could also be within Ghana, we have Associations within Ghana, even within the core Nandom area.”

“Let’s all come together mobilize resources to support our area and we as well appeal to benevolent people to come to our aid.”     

Peer Review

The DCE for Nandom, Thaddeus Arkum Aasoglenang who took delivery of the items, told NAG that St. Theresa’s Hospital is the best facility in Upper West because it has dedicated staff coupled with proper leadership.

The DCE for Nandom Thaddeus Arkum Aasoglenang

The DCE stated the Hospital was adjudged the best facility in the Region in 2017 and 2019 through peer review mechanism adding that, in 2018, it was rated the second best.

Saving Lives

Mr. Aasoglenang passionately acknowledged the yeoman’s job of NAG:

“We are gathered here to receive support from the Nandom Advocacy Group from USA, it means that whilst they are there, they still have Nandom and Nandom Hospital at heart and they have also noticed the gap that exist and for that matter, they are here to present medical equipment to supplement the ones that we have here.”

“Let me take this opportunity to pass the message to Jude and the members of NAG that these equipment that you are donating, I know that no matter what, they will contribute in saving lives, even if it is one life, you deserve commendation.”

Specialists & GPs

According to the Acting Medical Superintendent of the St. Theresa’s Hospital in Nandom, Dr. David Adobasom Aduwia, the Hospital is blessed in a way, because it has two specialists and three medical officers.  He added that the hospital is training four house officers who will join the rank of medical officers after their training.

The Acting Medical Superintendent of St. Theresa’s Hospital, Dr. David Adobasom Aduwia

Orthopedic Services

Dr. Aduwia pointed out that the facility has been trying its best to cater for the health needs of the people of Nandom and beyond, saying, in respect of orthopedic services, people travel from even from the regional capital, Wa and the national, Accra to access medical care in Nandom.

Dr. Aduwia said management and staff of the Hospital are very much excited about the support from NAG.

He expressed the hope that other individuals and groups will be encouraged by the kind gesture of the Nandom Advocacy Group and to also reach out to the hospital.

NAG & 2017 Kakube Festival Initiatives

The District Director of Health Services (DDHS), Genevieve Yiripare expressed appreciation to all stakeholders who helped to make the donation possible.

The DDHS, Ms. Genevieve Yiripare

She added the initiative is in line with what had been planned for the district and recalled that in November 2017, a development forum was held as part of Kakube Festival and “sons and daughters all over the world came and pledged that they will not wait for only the government to do every work but they were going to sacrifice to support their own people wherever they were located”.

“We should therefore appreciate Nandom Advocacy Group for doing exactly what the late Paramount Chief of Nandom, Naa Dr. Puoure Puobe Chiir and the DCE, Thaddeus Aasolegnang planned in 2017”, Ms. Yiripare stressed.

Supporting Staff & Facility  

Touching on Human resource, the DDHS appealed to citizen of Nandom to help sponsor health staff or facilitate exchange programs for them to specialize in various areas for the benefit of humanity.  

The Pigvuo Naa of Nandom, Naa Pius Meguu

The Pigvuo Naa of Nandom, Naa Pius Meguu showed gratitude to the benefactors but asked the locals to do the little within their power to support the Hospital.

He pointed out that they [the locals] should not think that only money and materials that can help sustain the hospital, saying “even if you come and weed around here it is a support that would be very much appreciated.

Story by Emmanuel Mensah-Abludo

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