As the nation celebrates its 35th National Farmer’s  Day, the Ghana News Agency publishes the themes that have reflected the focus of the successive Governments since 1990.
1990 – Increased Agricultural Production for a Better Tomorrow
1991 – Sustained Agricultural Production, Hallmark of the 31st
December Revolution
1992 – Agriculture and the Ghanaian Economy Eleven Years in Retrospect
1993 – An Efficient Marketing System A Booster to Sustained Agricultural and Industrial
1994 – Food Preservation for Price Stability
1995 – Scientific Farming for Higher Productivity
1996 – The Human Resource:  A Crucial Factor in Agricultural Development
1997 – Sustainable Food Security:  A Challenge to the Youth
1998 – Empowering the Youth for Accelerated Agricultural Growth
1999 – Effective Marketing Promotes Agricultural Production
2000 – Processing of Agricultural Produce the Way Forward
2001 – Let Us Grow What We Eat, Eat What We Grow and Can What
We Cannot
2002 – Modernising Agriculture to Enhance Rural Development
2003 – Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Food Security Through
Improved Agric-Business
2004 – Food Safety and Improved Nutrition for a Healthy and Active
2005 – Agricultural Production and Productivity the Key to Economic
Growth and Poverty Reduction
2006 – The Youth Employment Program:  An Avenue for Sustaining
Agricultural Development
2007 – Ghana @ 50:   Progress and Challenges of Sustainable
Agricultural Development
2008 – Globalization: Its effects on Agricultural Production in Ghana.
2009 – Accelerated Agricultural Modernization for Food Security and Economic Transformation
2010 – Grow More Food
2011 – Grow More Food: Research for sustainable Agriculture Development
2012 – Grow More Food: Strengthening FBOs for better market place bargaining Power
2013 –  Reducing Post-Harvest Losses for Sustainable Food Security and Nutrition
2014 –        Eat What You Grow
2015 – Transform Ghana: Invest in Agriculture.
2016        –       Agriculture: A Business Response to Economic Growth
2017       –        Farming for Food and Jobs
2018        –     Agriculture: Moving Ghana Beyond Aid.
2019      –        Enhancing Small Scale Agriculture Towards Agribusiness Development

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