Chopology: Gari fotor for the road

gari foto

By Soyoqour Quarco Tchire

Gari fotor is a tasty Ghanaian meal similar to the French Couscous and made from a spicy tomato-based stew. It is a meal that can be served as a main dish mixed with vegetables or an accompaniment for rice, beans or Jollof. Fortor in Ewe means to mash up or mix together. That’s exactly what Gari Fortor looks like –a mélange of gari stew, vegetables, in fact anything that can be added to the individual’s preference.

The main ingredient for this delicious meal is gari. For our spicy tomato-based stew, we will use sardine egg stew. We have chicken and fish to complement our protein needs and some coleslaw for that colourful balanced meal. First, pour the required amount of gari in a bowl. Sprinkle a little bit of water on it.

Mix very well. Mould nicely onto a plate. Garnish it. Add your chicken and fish. Your gari fortor is ready! Delicious.

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