Consume leafy vegetables for good nutrition

leafy vegetables

By Cynthia Boateng

Culture and food are connected and this is why a particular food is common to a group of people living in the same cultural environment.

In Ghana there are interesting varieties of food crops that have more nutrients and vitamins, compared to foreign or imported food crops. Unfortunately, the majority of local food crops are gradually going extinct.

As part of the Heritage Month Celebration, GBC News interacted with immediate past Director of Plant Genetic Resources Research Institute, of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, CSIR, Dr. Lawrence Aboagye on what is being down to ensure that local food crops such as wild yam, Taro known among the Akans as “Brobey” and other crops are preserved for generations to come. Dr. Aboagye first explained why some crops are going extinct.


To those who have never seen Taro or brobey, Dr. Aboagye describes the crop saying the leaves are very tasty.

Experts recommend the consumption of leafy vegetables for good nutrition. Dr. Aboagye said he is working on preserving other indigenous leaves and increasing its production.

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