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‘Dades3n’ could cause low IQ

By: Rebecca Ampah

Country Director of Pure Earth, Esmond Wisdom Quansah, says the local metal pot known as ‘Dades3n’, contains a high concentration of lead, causing food poisoning and, as a result, decreasing the IQ of individuals who cook foods from these cooking utensils.

According to him, the lead is transferred from the pot as food is constantly prepared and consumed from such a pot, causing cardio-vascular diseases such as ceasure and decreasing one’s IQ, which may sometimes lead to death.

He mentioned on GTV’s Breakfast Show that the information is a research to educate and not make people afraid of using the cooking pot.

“We don’t want to put fear into people. This is a research,” he said.

Esmond Wisdom Quansah.

He also stated that most of these pots are made by individuals who combine scrubs, and they are not being regulated; hence, they are unaware of the amount of lead to be used.

“Most of these pots are done at the backyards of people who are not clearly regulated by the Ghana Standard Authority,” he added.

He is therefore suggesting that, as much as suggestive research has been done,  conclusive research must be done, and the Ghana Standards Authority ought to check the concentration level of lead in all metals before they are being used.

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