Road Safety Authority, MTTD educate drivers, commuters on road safety

By Vanessa Adjei

As part of measures to reduce road accidents to its barest minimum, the Ghana Road Safety Authority together with Ghana Police Service and Motor, Transport and Traffic Directorate, MTTD has held a road safety sensitization programme at the Bunso junction on the Accra- Kumasi Highway and Kasoa.

The exercise was an initiative under the Arrive Alive campaign.

The inspection at Bunso junction saw quite a number of drivers flouting the road regulations which some of them were processed for court.

Addressing the media, director of Operations at the MTTD superintendent, Samuel Sasu Mensah, lamented the indiscipline nature of drivers on the roads and the need to enforce the law.

“What we have seen is that drivers are flouting the road regulations with impunity and so we are combining education with enforcement.”

The exercise saw the Ghana Road Safety Authority stopping and entering buses particularly the long journey ones to educate them on their safety as individuals.

The GRSA representatives also advised passengers to put their seat belts on and also keep an eye on the driver as they journeyed.

He also spoke about the punishments meted out to drivers who flout the regulations. During the exercise some drivers with loads at the back of their vehicles were asked to rearrange them in order to fit the boots.

Other drivers who had license and other regulation problems were asked to go to court on January 4, 2022.

On the Kasoa, Bujumbura stretch About 20 drivers on the Kasoa road have been processed for court due to indiscipline on the road.  Most drivers whose vehicles were inspected were driving defective vehicle number plates, DV plates.

Addressing the media on the sidelines of the inspection, Acting Director Regulatory Inspectorate and Compliance at the National Road Safety Authority Kwame Kodua Atuahene said the exercise is very effective adding that drivers tend to obey road regulations when there is police presence which is a good thing.

“Yes, it is because once they notice police on the road, they get to do the right thing. If we are to stay on this stretch for a long-time , drivers will behave appropriately. If you are stopped by a Police or the road safety team you get the chance to be educated if there is a minor office but those who have major offenses are prosecuted and the memory stays with them for a long time.”

Throwing more light on the Kasoa exercise, Chief Superintendent of Police at the MTTD, Central East, Agnes Ceazar said the exercise is purposely for education and inspection of documents.

“We are here purposely to educate drivers to drive safely and also to inspect driver documentation. Most of the drivers we arrested have expired documents which they are not aware of and so this exercise made them know that as they are driving, they need to be checking their licence and other vehicle documentation.”

Director of Operations at MTTD, Superintendent, Dr. Samuel Sasu Mensahspoke about the offenses of drivers who were processed before court.

“Over here the arrest we are making is more than that of what we made at the Bunso Junction on the Kumasi-Accra highway because most of the drivers are flouting the road regulations. Here we realized that most of the cars have fake insurance, the insurance is not as required by the National Insurance Commission and of course they are not worthy to be on the road.”


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