Assessment for dredging Owabi Dam begins

By Thomas Nsowah-Adjei

Dredging of the Owabi Dam to restore the water reservoir to its original capacity to meet the supply needs of the people in parts of the Kumasi Metropolis to commence.

Siltation has reduced the water level from 22.5 feet to 6.5 feet thereby affecting the water supply capacity to consumers.

The Owabi Dam was commissioned in 1928 to supply potable water to the northern part of Kumasi. Though the volume and quantity and quality have not changed, human activities such as logging and encroachment have gradually affected the storage capacity. The volume has reduced from 22.5 feet to 6.5 feet. It is for this reason that a contractor has been engaged by the government to dredge the Dam.


A Civil and Mechanical Engineers Company has been contracted to undertake the project within two years. According to the Engineers, the siltation is estimated at one point five million cubic meters.


Experts in diving have been engaged to assess the level of siltation while basic equipment has been assembled to ensure timely execution of the project to guarantee quality water supply. According to the experts, further delay in dredging the Dam could damage some vital operational machines which could possibly lead to the dam’s smooth operation.


A Mechanical Engineer and Head of the Divers team, Joe Kalan explains that it will take less than two weeks to complete the assessment.


An Environmental Specialist Engineer at the Ghana Water Company, Abdil Fatao Tambro, said the dredging will not affect aquatic life in the Dam because no chemicals will be used for the execution of the project. He said the location of the dam.


The Manager in charge at the Owabi Dam, Alfred Galenku, said the dredging will help protect and preserve water quality. He said the project will not affect water supply to consumers.


The Chief Executive of the Company undertaking the project, Mac Dam, said the project is the biggest to be undertaken in West Africa.


He gave the assurance that the Company will work diligently to complete it on time.


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