Adjen Kotoku onion sellers call for speedy construction of more sheds to boost their business

Onion sellers at Adjen Kotoku say business is gradually picking up, two weeks after relocating from Agbogbloshie.

They are grateful to government, but want the Ga West Municipal Assembly to speed up the construction of extra sheds and the allocation of the stores to the traders to further boost their business.

The Onion Sellers have not been allocated the provided ninety stores. Their pallets of onions are laid on the bare ground. Large trucks loaded with the commodity were seen parked on the shoulders of the already narrow road to offload.

Reports say the townsfolks are also registering with the Ga West Municipal Assembly to get a spot for business.

Chairman of the Accra Onion Sellers and Importers Union, Masawudu Salifu said they are in talks with the appropriate quarters to ensure the new market picks up.

Due to the influx of other petty traders and their activities, heaps of refuse are beginning to pile up around portions of the new market. This Mr. Salisu said the Union will ensure it does not become a characteristic of the new market.

The good news, however, is that Banks have begun operating at the new market, registering traders and providing enticing loan packages.

Story filed by Ewurabena Paha


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