AGRA launches digital platform to boost women activities in agricultural sector

Lack of finance and other resources continue to be a major hurdle for women who venture into Agriculture.

Statistics show that 50 percent of women are in the agricultural value chain but are being deprived of productive resources which turn to worsen the poverty situation.

In an attempt to make the agricultural sector more gender responsive, the Alliance for Green Revolution Africa, AGRA, has launched a digital platform for women to access new markets from across the divide.

The platform known as VALUE4HER, is a link to enhance access to capital, resources, information among others to boost the agricultural activities of women.

The West Africa Regional Head of AGRA, Forster Boateng said the platform will address dysfunctional systems in the Agricultural sector and make it more attractive to vulnerable groups.

AGRA’S VALUE4HER digital platform is a continental program aimed at increasing performance of women in agri-enterprises, by addressing issues relating to access to markets and trade finance, investment, knowledge and skills networking and building women’s collective voice.

It is powered by VALUE4HER Connect, Africa’s first women in agribusiness digital marketplace offering integrated business solutions to women enterprises and also serves as a valuable database for a diverse group of sustainable agriculture partners.

The platform has so far registered more than 750 women agribusiness in Africa with prospects for members. AGRA West Africa Regional Head, Forster Boateng said the platform will see some revolution into women activities in agriculture.

Women experts in agribusiness, financing, commodity buying, policies and advocacy, during a panel discussion on the barriers for women empowerment in agriculture said delay in financing is a major issue that undermines productivity.

AGRA in partnership with governments and development agencies like DFID, USAID, Rokefeller among others seeks to inject at least 500 million dollars into agricultural transformation projects in Ghana and eleven countries including Nigeria, Mali, Kenya Rwanda and Tanzania.



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