Road map to making agriculture attractive

Road map to making agriculture attractive
Mr. Evans Larbi, CEO of BAIT FARMS

By: Rebecca Sedinam Affor

Encouraging the youth to go into agriculture has been the most spoken topic lately. There has been a hike in commodities due to the high rate of importation. The government and other sectors are encouraging the youth to engage in agricultural activities to reduce the importation of farm products.

There has been an initiative to grow and eat made-in-Ghana food to encourage more youth into agriculture to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

In recent happenings where the discussion has been on the need to make indigenous rice attractive for consumption to encourage high consumption over foreign ones.

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show, Mr. Evans Larbi the CEO of BAIT FARMS and Foundation, stated that some measures have been put in place by the institution to encourage more youth to venture into agriculture. These measures, he described will make agriculture attractive to have more youth come on board.

For his part, Dr. Nana Ohene Asante, Executive Secretary of Chartered Institute of Agriculture of Ghana said Digital Communication Platforms can be used to multiply yield.

“Developing of technology to help in food production and delivery to the last consumer”, creating of digital platforms where farmers can upload their foodstuffs. We are talking to the Tele Communication Companies for internet connectivity in the rural areas”.

According to Dr. Ohene he made it known that technology should be made part of agriculture. There is the use of drones which helps in the spreading of fertilizers to make agriculture more attractive.

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