Appiatse Support Fund will reconstruct town into Modern City- Chairperson

Appiatse Support Fund will reconstruct town into Modern City
Dr Joyce Aryee

Chairperson for the Appiatse Support Dr. Joyce Aryee said the purpose of the Appiatse Support fund is to help Reconstruct the Community into a modern city. Part of the money she said will be used to support the day-to-day needs of the people of Appeatse Community affected by the explosion.

Chairperson of the Appiatse Support Fund, Dr. Joyce Aryee in a press briefing said all Ghanaians should pitch in to rebuild the Community.

Madam Joyce Aryee said the month of February must be used to create awareness for Ghanaians to contribute to the fund.

”The Committee has designated Monday and Wednesday to receive personal donations from individuals who want to contribute to the Fund”.

Dr. Joyce Aryee said two accounts at the GCB and STANBIC banks have been created to receive the donations.

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