Bui spillways opened to spill excess water


The Spillways of the Bui Hydroelectric Generating Station has been opened to let out excess water after the Dam water level hit 182.8 meters as at Wednesday, October 23, 2019.

The current is level dangerously close to the Dam’s limit of 183 meters.

Speaking to Radio Ghana at the Station, the Corporate Manager of the Bui Power Authority, Cherie Lawson said the spillage was necessary to protect the integrity of Dam Wall and could last for ten days depending on the inflows into the Dam.

The Bui Generating Station started generating energy in 2013 and this is the first time its managers have had to spill excess water.

The only other time the spillways were opened was during testing of the Spillway gates in 2015.

Before the spilling started an alarm was sounded several times to warn people nearby about the imminent increase of water in the River.

The Corporate Affairs Manager of the BPA, Cherie Lawson said only two out of the five spillways have been opened.

She explained this is because they do not intend to get the Black Volta to breach its banks but stay in its cause to avoid flooding.

Madam Lawson said effective sensitization of the 46 Communities down stream of the Black Volta has been carried out to keep people informed about the spillage.

As the spilling continues, officers of the BPA are monitoring the outflow and ensuring that community members stay clear of the river for now.

This means fishing especially and all other activities on the river has to cease for now. Even to the untrained eye the water level of the Dam reservoir is really high, making the need for the spillage obvious.

Story filed by John Sam-Arthur

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