Christians in Ghana join the World to mark Good Friday

Christians in Ghana join the World to mark Good Friday
Image Credit: Mt Olivet Methodist Church

By Yvonne Atilego

Christians across the globe are today, April 15, 2022 marking Good Friday also known as “Holy Friday,” to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ as part of the Easter celebration.

Christians believe that the results of Christ’s death were all in good faith hence need to be celebrated.

The celebration is marked with the singing of solemn hymns and prayers of thanksgiving. Good Friday celebration gives the message that Christ had to suffer for the sake of mankind.

Christians in Ghana join the World to mark Good Friday

Meanwhile, the Easter festivities is a three-day celebration that started on the evening of yesterday with the Last Supper and continues through  today which is Good Friday with the crucifixion and burial of Jesus Christ.

It spans through to ‘Holy Saturday’ and ends with prayers on the evening of ‘Easter Sunday’.

Although the celebration could lose a bit of its taste to the Covid-19 pandemic, Christians across the world would make the best of it, especially as the Covid-19 restrictions and protocol observation eased in some countries.

In Ghana, the festive season is commonly marked with church services, family get-togethers, exchange of gifts, donations to the needy, parties, concerts, and other entertaining events.

The UKs Evening Standard explains that Easter known as ‘Semana Santa’, or Holy Week and observed for the entire seven days on the Iberian Peninsula, finds people parading through the streets in costumes or in hooded robes.

In France, tradition dictates that church bells stop ringing around Easter as a mark of respect for Jesus’ death.

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