CONIWAS supports Communities to demand water and climate justice

CONIWAS supports Communities to demand water and climate justice
Madam Basilia Nanbigne, Executive Secretary of CONIWAS.


Water and climate are contemporary inseparable concepts. In a few decades, developing nations particularly African countries have become conscious of the dire effects of changing climate.

Governments, Non-governmental bodies, and individuals have recently increased their momentum to participate in the campaign and documentation of water and climate justice.

To this end the Coalition of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS) an umbrella Civil Society Organization (CSOs) established to contribute to water resource and sanitation management has begun an intensive Community education and advocacy drive to help Community folks to be abreast of water and climate change issues as well as to water and climate justice.

Speaking in an exclusive interview the Executive Secretary of CONIWAS, Madam Basilia Nanbigne was of the opinion that lots of the folks in Ghana’s towns and villages are not aware they have the power to demand from authorities water and climate justice.

The Executive Secretary of CONIWAS explained that they are working in partnership with other CSOs to educate community folks on their water, and sanitation rights including climate justice.

“Current CONIWAS helping folks from some Communities in the Wassa East District in the Western region to petition the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to demand water and climate justice”, she hinted.

Meanwhile, an interaction with some members from the NGOs and CSOs on the sidelines of a stakeholder workshop in Accra to find out their understanding of climate and WASH justice revealed

some interesting responses.

Most of the people spoken to at the event said their understanding of climate and WASH justice means: “Fairness”. “Everyone having access to WASH and a good environment”, “Equity in water access”, “A healthy environment” and “Having access to good and quality water”


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