Debate to pay tithes or taxes continues unabated

Covid-19 expenditure

By Nathaniel Nartey.

Executive Director of Revenue Mobilisation Africa, Geoffrey Ocansey, has raised questions about the situation where thousands of professionals are able to avoid the payment of tax despite the implementation of the Tax Identification Number, TIN.

He said the Ghana Revenue Authority should answer to Ghanaians how this has come about especially when these professionals belong to recognized Associations, making them easy to track and compelled to adhere to their tax obligations.

Mr. Ocansey was reacting to comments by President Akufo-Addo, expressing disappointment at how some professionals including Lawyers have managed to avoid paying tax over the years. According to Mr. Ocansey, Ghanaians are more interested in paying tithe in church than paying tax because the justification for the payment of tithe has been well communicated.

“People pay their tithe in church judiciously and religiously out of their own will and comply so well that they pay taxes and it’s due to how the tithe has been communicated to them. In the church building, there is accountability, after every collection, they would give out the amount that is collected each Sunday. So ironically look at the two one is by law which has the enforcers and the push yet low payment. The other one is actually explained to the people and they pay. So it’s just communication. So tax communication will play a good role in having people to commit and comply with payments,” according to Executive Director of Revenue Mobilisation Africa, Geoffrey Ocansey.


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