Demolition of Fire Ravaged Storey Building at Makola Begins

The Accra Metropolitan Authority, AMA, the 48 Engineers Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces and Allied Agencies have joined forces at the Makola Market in Accra to pull down the 3-storey building which was ravaged by fire July 5, 2021.

A Committee set to probe the structural integrity recommended that the building should be pulled down due to weak structures. This would among other things avert further loss to the traders. The AMA Chief Executive, Nii Adjei Sowah confirmed that the report revealed that the fire was caused by a faulty generator primarily and then the non-availability of working fire extinguishers, besides the issues on complex wiring of the building.

Our Reporters, Adiza Bawa & Josephine Akari are at the demolition site, and will bring more later.


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