Denmark, Ghana ranked best judicial systems in the world and Africa

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The World Justice Project has named Denmark as the country with the best judicial system in the world measured by rule of law for the fourth time in a row while Ghana ranks highest in Africa.

The index is based on 48 parameters measuring the level of corruption, human rights, state openness, criminal justice system evaluated in 113 countries. While Ghana is a regional frontrunner in the rule of law, there is also room for improvement, with cooperation with Denmark in that regard.

The Danish Embassy has since the early 1990’s been working closely with stakeholders in Ghana, particularly within the justice sector, for an effective and just Rule of Law.

Programme Officer for Danida’s Legal Reform Programme, Samuel Kutinterah Kwotuah, said Denmark’s excellence in upholding fundamental human rights and minimising corruption justify the cooperation to strengthen the human rights institutions in Ghana.

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