Don’t exchange sex for sanitary pads- Kobby Kyei advises girls

Organizers should consider kidifest during the festive season- Kobby Kyei 
Kobby Kyei.

By Roberta Gayode Modin

Socially conscious blogger Kobby Kyei has called on the government to reduce the tax rate on sanitary pads to make them affordable for women.

According to the blogger, some girls, especially in rural communities, resort to the use of toilet rolls and rags during their menstruation period because they cannot afford sanitary pads.

“Some men are taking advantage of them to give them money to buy sanitary pads in exchange for sex, which is quite heartbreaking. Apart from that, most of them are also not able to go to school during this period,” he disclosed to Kafui Dey on the GTV Breakfast Show.

He called for a collective effort by all, including individuals and non-governmental institutions, to provide sanitary pads for girls in rural areas to prevent the occurrence of situations like “sex for pad”.

Meanwhile, the government has imposed a 20 per cent luxury tax and a 15 per cent Value Added Tax on sanitary pads which, according to Civil Society Organisations, makes them expensive.

During the launch of NPP’s manifesto ahead of the December 2020 elections, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia promised that his government would eliminate import duties on sanitary pads to improve upon the menstrual health challenges of girls.


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