DVLA deploys technology to reduce road carnage

By: Razak Baba

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA, has stepped up efforts to reduce carnage on the roads with the introduction of the five electronic gadgets.

The gadgets are to check the road-worthiness of vehicles and authenticity of their documents.

The electronic gadgets introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA to help reduce carnage on the roads are a hand-held tablet, tyre tread depth gauges, digital tape measures, tint metres and hand-held brake testers.

DVLA deploys technology to reduce road carnage

They are to support Compliance and Enforcement officials of the DVLA in thorough checking of vehicles on the road.

The move apart from targeting the reduction of road crashes, also seeks to strengthen the mandate of the DVLA in promoting good driving standards in the country and ensuring the use of road-worthy vehicles on the roads.

DVLA deploys technology to reduce road carnage

Head of the Compliance and Enforcement Unit of the DVLA, Mr. Richard Kwasi Eyiah demonstrated the functions of the various gadgets to the media in Kumasi, ahead of an exercise to check vehicles in the metropolis.

He said the hand-held tablet is meant to verify uniqueness of drivers licenses, road-worthy certificate and registration number of vehicles.

DVLA deploys technology to reduce road carnage

He urged the media to complement the efforts of the Authority by educating the public especially motorists about the deployment of the new equipment.

The Ashanti Regional Manager of the DVLA, Mr. Amos Abakah emphasized the importance of the application of technology to improve driver and vehicle licensing administration in the country.

DVLA deploys technology to reduce road carnage



  1. The DVLA are starting at the top of the tree, trying to reshape it working downwards, when in fact they should start at the bottom working up.
    All they are doing is causing more problem, hitting the lower people.
    You cannot have tight control on vehicles, when the roads are in such a state,, with pot hole .300mm deep.
    Side of the road breaking away in some cases reach to the middle of the drive lane.
    Many at the DVLA, are trying to introduce high standards like the West, they forget they don’t have infrastructure in place to start with, there’s to much corruption within, they have failed and missed opetunaties to curd road accidents, the testing of vehicle is something else …
    Personally I don’t believe many in the DVLA understand vehicle and know how to implant policies that will make roads and vehicles safer.
    This new National Towing/Recovery that’s been introduced, is an open cheque book for the towing company.
    The towing company have they done a proper in-house training of the operators?
    Many who tow vehicles now are dangerous in the practices and use of vehicles.
    One doesn’t get experience from theory courses,one only gets experience and knowledfe from hands on experience.
    Money is the first priority.
    Road transport isn’t just about drivers,there are many avenues involved these avenues are ignored.
    The only person who get the blame mostly is the driver.


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