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Easter Sunday: Bishop George Adjeman charges Christians to be patriotic

General Overseer, winners Chapel Ghana, Bishop Gorge Adjeman

By Gertrude Tandoh 

General Overseer of Winners Chapel Ghana, Bishop George Adjeman inspires Congregation with Easter message on humility and resurrection.

On the sacred occasion of Easter the faithful congregants of Winners Chapel Ghana were illuminated with a message of profound significance and divine grace as Bishop George Adjeman delivered a stirring sermon centered around the themes of humility, service, and the resurrection hope found in Philippians 2:5 thereon. 

Gathered in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the congregation was deeply moved by the timeless truths and transformative power encapsulated in the Bishop’s Easter address.

In his eloquent exposition of the passage for the resurrction service, Bishop George Adjeman guided the congregation on a reflective journey into the depths of Christ’s humility and selfless sacrifice. 

Drawing parallels between the humility exemplified by Jesus Christ and the call for believers to embrace a spirit of servanthood and compassion, the Bishop emphasized the enduring value of humility as a cornerstone of faith and a pathway to spiritual growth and unity.

As the Easter message unfolded, the timeless message of resurrection hope resounded throughout the sanctuary, renewing hearts and inspiring spirits with the promise of new life and eternal redemption. Through the lens of Philippians 2 , Bishop George Adjeman illuminated the transformative power of Christ’s resurrection, inviting the congregation to embrace a renewed faith, unwavering hope, and abundant grace in the risen Lord who conquered death and brought forth everlasting life.

In a world marked by division and strife, Bishop George Adjeman underscored the importance of unity, love, and compassionate service as essential manifestations of Christian faith and discipleship. Encouraging the faithful to embody the principles of Philippians 2:5 in which Christ directs us to be ‘like minded, and love one aonther and to live excatly like him’ in their daily lives, the Bishop inspired a spirit of unity in Christ, love in action, and a commitment to serving others with humility, grace, and unwavering dedication.

As the Easter Sunday Service drew to a close, the resonance of Bishop George Adjeman’s message lingered in the hearts and minds of the congregation, igniting a flame of faith, hope, and transformative grace in the resurrected Savior. The timeless truths of Philippians 2:5, eloquently shared by the Bishop, served as a guiding light for all who gathered, illuminating the path of discipleship, service, and divine love in the wake of Christ’s triumphant resurrection.

Bishop Adjeman admonished that the message of humility, resurrection hope, and compassionate service continue to inspire and uplift the faithful of Winners Chapel Ghana, guiding them on a journey of faith, renewal, and unwavering devotion to the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

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