Eggs are good for everyone, says campaigner for Eggstra-O

Eggstra-O Campaign
School children receiving eggs.

By Tilda Acorlor.

The Project Lead of the Eggstra-O Campaign, Ndidi Fordjoe says women and children must eat eggs to grow well and healthy. She said eggs contain a good source of protein and vitamins which are beneficial to the general functions of the body.

Ndidi Fordjoe said this when the Eggstra-O Campaign Roadshow team made a stopover at the Bankoe R.C Girls School in Ho, the Volta Regional capital to educate students on the nutritional and health benefits of egg consumption.

Project Lead of the Eggstra-O Campaign, Ndidi Fordjoe.

“Eggs are good for everyone, especially women and children because at these early stages they need all the nutrients they can get to make sure that they grow healthy and well,” she said.

“These are the formation stages which is why we are targeting the young student to be able to reach them with the message, they will take it home to their parents to ensure that they add eggs to their diets,” she added.

She urged everyone to eat eggs because their source of minerals is beneficial to the general body.

“Eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, healthy fats, and minerals that are good for your general body functions,” She said.

The National Coordinator of the Ghana National Egg Campaign Secretariat (GNECS) Madam Comfort Acheampong said the public must do away with misconceptions surrounding the consumption of eggs and rather preach its benefits to the body.

“The Myth is that young girls should not eat eggs, children who eat eggs become thieves, and so on, the public must do away with these myths because eggs are good for the brains they contain nutrients that are important for the health and well-being of children,” Madam Comfort Acheampong said.

The Eggstra-O Campaign by WISHH is in collaboration with GNECS, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) for their trained nutritionist, and implemented by The Little Cow – a marketing agency- to promote the consumption of eggs and boost Ghana’s poultry industry.

As part of the promotion, the campaign team also made stops to announce their presence at the Ho Municipal Assembly, Asogli Palace.

A movie night dubbed “Eggnite Movie” was held at the Ho Mawuko Girls School, Ola Girls School and Adaklu community center to sensitise the public on the utilisation of eggs to promote the poultry sector and consumption in general.

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