EU Election Observer Mission makes 18 Recommendations for future elections in Ghana


The misuse of state resources, abuse of incumbency, vote-buying, and unregulated campaign finances still remains a challenge in the country’s election process.

This was contained in the final report of the 2020 EU election observer mission. At a press conference in Accra, Chief Observer, Javier Nart said these findings had resulted in an uneven playing field.

He said though the elections were conducted efficiently and successfully to meet a range of international standards the country still needs to improve on the stated areas. Mr. Nart said the final report contained 18 recommendations for future elections, eight of which were considered to be priorities.

It included recommendations for improved procedures for counting and collation and for the publication of detailed results.

It also recommends an introduction of affirmative action law that will give women in governance at least 30% quota.

He said these suggestions are aimed at improving future electoral processes and strengthen Ghana’s economy.

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