Finance Ministry denies 1.7 billion cedis expenditure on COVID-19 by gov’t

The Ministry of Finance has denied media reports suggesting that Government has so far spent 1.7 billion cedis on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Media reports had suggested that even though 2.5  billion cedis was approved for the 2021 Budget on Coronavirus Alleviation Program (CAP) to support households, relief to health workers among  others, only 1.7 billion cedis was utilized.

The Ministry in a statement however dismissed this claim.

It clarified that the said 1.7 million cedis  highlights expenditures on only two items under the COVID-19 related programmes.

The Ministry dismissed media reports suggesting that Government had announced that the COVID-19 levy is to be utilized for the  payment of  free water and electricity.

The Finance Ministry said it is ready to provide further information and clarifications on the 2021 Budget and related matters.


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