Ghana Association of Bankers expresses worry over security concerns in industry

John Awuah is the CEO of the Ghana Bankers Association

The Ghana Association of Bankers has expressed worry over the Bullion Van robbery that occurred on Monday, at James Town in Accra.

In a statement, jointly signed by Chief Executive Officer, John Awuah and President of the Association, Mansa Nettey, it noted that it has met with the top hierarchy of National Security, the Inspector General of Police, Management of the Bank of Ghana and third-party Private Security Providers of banks to find solutions that will prevent such an appalling incident from happening again.

It added that the Association will continue keeping abreast of the latest industry standards in compliance with certification requirements of Cash in Transit, CIT, and other operations.

It promised to strengthen dialogue with providers of CIT service to develop a comprehensive infrastructure and implement an aggressively proactive approach to staying at the forefront of the continually evolving security threats that the banking sector is exposed to.

It also sympathized with all who were affected by the Monday incident.


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