Ghana legal Council charges Lawyer who accused Chief Justice of bribery with nine counts of misconduct

Lawyer Kwasi Afrifa.

The General Legal Council’s (GLC) Disciplinary Committee has slapped misconduct charges on the lawyer who claimed that the Chief Justice attempted to extort a $5 million bribe to influence the outcome of a court case.

The lawyer, Kwasi Afrifa, was slapped with nine counts, including his failure to disclose the allegation of bribery against the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Anin Yeboah.

He was also cited for failing to issue receipts to his client following payment of legal fees, facilitating the commission of the alleged bribe by refunding fees he was legally paid, and making a reckless statement against the Chief Justice.

Mr. Afrifa is facing disciplinary proceedings after his client, Ogyeedom Obranu Kwesi Atta, petitioned the General Legal Council to retrieve 75 thousand dollars from him.

The charges followed a preliminary inquiry by the Ghana Legal Council that concluded that a case of misconduct has been established against him.

The Chief Justice has already come out to deny the allegations and has also petitioned the Director-General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service to investigate the matter.


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