Ghana on UN Security Council: ”Be bold, vote against regressive resolutions” – Adib Saani

Adib Saani war
Adib Saani, Security Analyst

By Nathaniel Nartey

Ghana has assumed non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council. In line with this, a flag-raising ceremony has been held at the UN Headquarters to signify the official admission of Ghana and four others that were elected as non-permanent members of the Security Council in June to begin their 2-year tenure.

This will be the third time Ghana will be taking her seat as a non-permanent member, with the last appearance being 15 years ago.

Reacting to this, Security and Foreign Policy Analyst Adib Saani described it as a unique opportunity for Ghana to contribute to decision making that will have a positive impact on humanity, as close to 50 countries in the world have tried and failed to be elected into the UN Security Council.

Mr Saani advised Ghana to be bold and vote against regressive resolutions. He spoke to Nathaniel Nartey.

”I expect that we shouldn’t be afraid of aid and rather put the truth before anything….Ghana should be steadfast and we should do things with the interest of humanity….it will take Ghana a lot to stand up for the right thing to be done”.

Speaking on the duration of the tenure which many have described as too short for Ghana to make any meaningful impact.

Mr Saani went on to said ” I am sure no matter how short the period is, we should be able to set a precedent and inspire other countries and make ourselves proud that we started this and today it has come to stay”, according to Security and Foreign Policy Analyst Adib Saani.

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