Ghana Refugee Board to relocate only 400 Liberian refugees

By: Nathaniel Nartey

Facebook: Nathaniel Nartey

Twitter: @Annertey_Nartey

Executive Secretary of the Ghana Refugee Board, Tetteh Padi has insisted that only 400 Liberian Refugees will be relocated to its camp near Atuabo in the Western Region.

The Board is currently relocating the refugees following the suspension of the demolition of the Budumburam Camp.

Chairman of the Liberian Community in the Camp had earlier insisted that the number of refugees in the camp exceeded 400 as being quoted by the Refugee Board.

Responding to the claims, Mr. Padi said only 400 residents in the Buduburam Camp from 360 households have been listed as refugees by the Ghana Refugee Board, adding that the rest are those who opted for local integration.

“We have a refugee database and the fact that you are a Liberian and you live in Buduburam does not make you a refugee. There is a clear criterion for that and in our database the number of Liberian Refugees in Buduburam number about 400. The rest of them are persons who either opted to be locally integrated or those who did not choose any option at all’’.

He said “there are about 360 households which includes single households. When you put all these households together you get the 400 refugees we are talking about’’, according to the Executive Secretary of the Ghana Refugee Board, Tetteh Padi.


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