Ghanaians urged to help government fight ‘galamsey’


Ghanaians have been urged to support the government in the fight against illegal mining, otherwise known as galamsey, to protect water bodies from destruction.

Bishop Professor Stephen Owusu Jackson, the Chairman of the Christian Praise International Church, said: “Steps being taken by the government are necessary for our survival as a nation and must, therefore, be supported by all.

In an interview, he said the water bodies were sources of livelihood to many and could not be polluted or destroyed for the people to suffer.

 “We must support the government with all our hearts devoid of political affiliation or otherwise we will import water for baptism and for other household chores,” Bishop Jackson said.

He appealed to the government to create job opportunities for the youth so they would not go into illegal mining to destroy the environment in the name of making a living.

 Bishop Jackson said the youth could be trained to  equip them with the requisite income generating skills to make a living

He called on the youth to desist from the get-rich-quick attitude and work hard to be self-sufficient.

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