GMET urges farmers to boost yields with extended minor farming season

Mr. Eric Asuman,

The Ghana Meteorological Agency is encouraging farmers to engage mainly in an extended level of farming activities during the minor farming season to improve their yields.

The Acting Director General of the Agency, Mr. Eric Asuman says from the 2023 predictions there would be an early start and extended period of rainfall, especially in the Eastern and Southern sectors of the country.

Mr. Eric Asuman shared these on the sidelines of World Meteorological Day in Accra.

Floods and droughts have occurred in more severe consequences in Ghana in the past decades. The consistent reduction in crop yields and increase in rainfall beyond the expected period are said to be some negative effects of climate change.

The Meteorological Agency is tasked to provide accurate rainfall data and weather patterns to help Ghanaians plan their daily and seasonal activities accordingly.

Unfortunately, the lack of adequate resources makes fulfilling of this mandate difficult for the agency.

This year’s World Meteorological Day was used to deliberate on the National Framework for Climate Services. This plan is to prepare the Ghana Meteorology Agency and its stakeholders to provide the required climate information services for the strategic sectors and institutions to build their resilience against these climate change-related risks.

The discussions centered on the climate needs of these sectors, the challenges of GMET in meeting these needs and what can be done to address these challenges.

GMET also launched the Ghana Meteorological Society of Ghana. Meteorology is one hundred and fifty years old in the world.

Below is the video;

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