Hepatitis B is hundred times more infectious than HIV -Gastroenterologist

Dr. Felix Anniagye.
Dr. Felix Anniagye.

By Stphen Donkor

A Medical Practitioner at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Felix Anniagye has described Hepatitis B as hundred times more infectious than HIV, with about 2 billion people living with the condition worldwide.

He disclosed that more than 8% percent of the Ghanaian population live with the condition.

Discussing Hepatitis B infection and treatment on the GTV Breakfast Show, Dr. Anniagye revealed that homosexuals are more susceptible to the disease than heterosexuals since the ”virus causing the ailment is highly concentrated in semen”.

Dr. Felix Anniagye lifted the gloom surrounding the condition, saying, ”more than 60% of chronic patients might not even require medication”.


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