Infuriated Sea opens century graves in Ketu South

Graveyards at Salakorpe

The on-going devastating sea erosion in some communities along the coast of the Ketu South Municipality has turned its ugly hands to historical graveyards.

Currently, the hard hit communities are Salakorpe, Amutsinu, Adina and other communities. The tidal waves which has already led to loss of properties is about to hit other communities in the area namely: Agorko, Tetekorpe, Adafienu, Hedranawo, Denu and the Southern Parts of Aflao including Aflao Market and the main Border.

In this photo news, we bring to you some pictures from towns where the Atlantic Ocean is gaining ground, endangering lives and has already destroyed landing properties running into thousands of Ghana Cedis in the recent past.

Graveyards at Salakorpe




Destruction of houses at Salakorpe and Amutsistinu

Edzorna and Jacob at Amutsinu Beack

NADMO at Amutsi Basic School distributing relief items to victims.

Sea destroys a Forest reserve at Salakorpe

Sea destroys more homes at Salakorpe
Graveyards at Salakorpe
Amutsi-Salakorpe Beach

MP, Abla Dzifa Gomashie tours Sea Erosion Communities

Paramount Chief of Somey, Torgbui Adamah interacting with The MP, The MC and The Minister of Works and Housing.

Works and Hosing Minister and co

Torgbui Adamah and his elders addressing victims

Sea erosion has to do with the removal of sediment and rocks along the seashore due to the action of waves, flows, tides, wind-driven water, marine ice, or other impacts of storms.

The inward-looking departure of the beach or the sand can be measured over a temporal scale of tides and other short-term recurring processes, caused by hydraulic action, abrasion or corrosion by wind and water, and other forces, which may be natural or through human activities.

According to a report published by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in 2019, “sea level rise caused by climate change will increase coastal erosion worldwide significantly changing the coasts and low lying coastal areas” and the situation in Ketu South and other coastal communities in Ghana are local example for people to sea.

Story by Edzorna Francis Mensah

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