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Traders and Residents living close to an unauthorised slaughterhouse at James Town say the negative effects resulting from the smoke at the abattoir are unbearable.

Located few metres away from a former court and the Lighthouse, goats, sheep and cattle are reared, slaughtered and smoked at the abattoir.

The butchers use lorry tyres to burn the furs of the animals.

They heave the carcasses up onto their shoulders and carry them out of the burning area to an open place, near the former court.

At the slaughterhouse, where you smell the acrid odour of the hair and flesh, the carcasses are scrubbed of singed fur and dressed for sale.

Close to the sea, fishmongers also smoke fish at the vicinity.

Excessive smoke from the slaughterhouse, according to the residents, is dangerous to their health and the environment.

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