Ketu South MP receives donation for sea erosion victims

Ketu South Member of Parliament has received hundreds of second-hand clothes and foot wears from the Greater Accra chapter of the Ghana Moslem Mission on behalf of her constituents affected by sea erosion.

The MP, Abla Dzifa Gomashie who received the items at the forecourt of Parliament, Accra on Thursday, 24th June, 2021 expressed her profound gratitude to The Mission and urged other corporate institutions and individuals to show love to the people of Salakorpe, Amutsinu and its environs.

Madam Gomashie who could not hide her disappointment said, “I feel so helpless that up till now we have not been able to provide a temporary shelter befitting of Ghanaians or citizens of this country.  That has really been my biggest headache”.

…….”if all you do is fishing and the waves have taken your net away; your boat is destroyed; what is left? And perhaps you could ply some trade at the border; the borders have been closed for a year and no form of intervention has been provided. So, it is a daily struggle to see them and to try to commiserate with them and to try to give them hope and to inspire them not to lose hope in us as a people”.

Madam Gomashie in an interview with media however, disclosed that her heart was swollen with joy and pride that we still have people who have fellow feeling and are patriotic enough to want to assist Ghanaians who are in trouble.

The MP emphasised the fact that, “it is a good thing that the people hear promises from the state, but I am sure that we will feel better and we will sleep in peace if we know that something substantial has been done as far as where we can lay our heads and starting to pick the pieces from what has happened to us”.

According to her, she was glad that a Group of Moslems have their heard the plea and the call from the people of Ketu South “who are traumatized by the tidal waves and the closure of the borders, and have responded favorably by bringing them some clothing and some shoes”.

“On behalf of the people in Ketu South and myself, and all well-meaning Ghanaians who in one way or the other reached out to us, I would say a big thank you to the Ghana Islamic Mission for this show of commission and patriotism”, she added.

Presenting the items, the Manager in Charge of Maintenance, Security and Inventory of the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the Ghana Moslem Mission, Hudu Adams, the Mission was moved by the plight of the people in these coastal communities and it in line with “our Islamic principles.”

According to him, “we have been doing this for a couple of years. Normally, when we go for our national conferences, we use to take it to the National conference venue and give it to people who are in dire need from other regions. But we realized that doing it in our set up alone is not helping”.

“So, we decided now to explore the others and to ensure that anybody who is subjected to any tragedy or incident, we come in to help.

Story filed by Edzorna Francis Mensah


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