Kpeshie River residents count loses following demolition of unauthorized structures

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Residents around the Kpeshie River along the Teshie Bush road  are counting their losses following the demolition  of their structures on November 5, 2021.
Reports say one person was arrested for disrupting the exercise, but was later released while others had their phones seized for attempting to record the exercise.
Meanwhile the residents say they were aware of the October 30th deadline given them to move out of the area, but decided to stay on hence  the demolition  of their structures.
Owners of the wooden structures which had been pulled down say they have no choice than to sell the remains to wood vendors to use as firewood.
More than 30 structures including metal and wooden containers, and a 2-Storey uncompleted building along the Teshie Bush Road were pulled down.
The exercise was undertaken by a task force made up of Ayawaso West and North Municipal Assemblies as well as the Tema West and La DadeKotopon Municipal Assemblies.
Residents mostly affected  were those on the shoulders of the road close to the Kpeshie River.Reports say the exercise was carried out by the taskforce to reclaim encroached lands and protect their ecology. Most of the residents were salvaging what they were left with from the debris when GBC News arrived at the scene.
A shop owner whose structure was not among those marked for demolition was also affected. He said his phone was seized by the Police when he protested.
“We were here when they came and demolished structures. We wanted to move our things out, but we were not allowed. I don’t know why.
”Yesterday my phone was seized when I was recording their act, I struggled to get my phone back. The Policeman said I should bring GH₵ 200 before giving back my phone. We were given October but they didn’t come. We moved our belongings out but they didn’t come”, he stated.
A Coconut Seller whose wooden structure was pulled down said her property was not close to the Kpeshie River and wondered why the exercise affected her .“They came here two months ago (August). We were told to move out by 30th October but they didn’t come so we were thinking they would not come but they came today and destroyed everything. They said we are close to the river but we are not. There is no job and they are saying they want to use this space for tree planting and it’s frustrating. Now that you have Been asked to move out, what are you going to do….. I’m going to sell the wood for some little money”, the seller said.GBC News gathered that another date has been scheduled to complete the rest of the demolition. However, the residents have no clue about the exact date this exercise will be carried out.
Management of La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly were in a meeting and were therefore unable to speak to GBC News on the matter at the time of filing this report.


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