Lands Commission to stop issuing separate search report

James E.K. Dadson, AG. Executive Secretary, Lands Commission.

The Lands Commission will from Friday, October 1, 2021, stop issuing separate search reports from its divisions that is Public and vested land Management division, Land registration division and survey and Mapping division.

A statement from the commission indicates that records from these divisions will be consolidated into one lands commission search report.

This is to ensure that a search report from the lands commission on a parcel of land provides full information relating to that parcel in a single report instead of three separate reports.

According to the statement all applications for search should be submitted online through

Clients who visit the Client Service Access Unit of the Lands Commission will be assisted to submit their applications online.

The General Public is, therefore, advised to visit the Lands Commission website from the 1st of October 2021 for step-by-step guidelines on the online submission and payment process.

Client can also track their applications online and how to access the search report online and the fee payable for the consolidated search.

By: Felix Cofie.


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