“Legalization of abortion, good move’’- Ellen Ama Daaku

Ellen Ama Daaku

By Asile Alice Dzorgbenyuie

Social Commentator, Ellen Ama Daaku has stated that she supports Benin’s legalization of abortion. She made the point on the GTV Breakfast Show on October 22, 2021.

According to Ellen Daaku, every woman is entitled to her body, and therefore can determine, or do whatever she pleases.

“Why must we police what the woman does with her body,” she questioned.

The NPP Communicator’s statement is a follow up to an issue in Benin, where Parliamentarians in the French-Speaking West African country, voted to legalize abortion.

Under the new law passed 21st October 2021, women can terminate a pregnancy within the first 3 months if it is likely to,

“Aggravate or cause material, educational, professional or moral distress, incompatible with the woman or the unborn child’s interest”.

Madam Ellen Daaku argued that women should be given space if they want to get their babies aborted from 3- 4 months, that is if the woman notices a problem with her fetus and can’t carry the pregnancy full term.

She however said it will become a problem on her side if a woman aborts her over 6-month pregnancy.

“We should let the women take full consequences of their actions”, she stated, by giving the woman full access to her needs, so far as procreation and life, in general, is concerned.


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