LLB graduates should be employed for prosecutorial job instead of police- Lecturer suggests

A Lecturer at the Law Faculty, University of Professional Studies, Accra, UPSA, Justice Abdulai, has called on the police to delegate their prosecutorial functions in the fight against corruption, in order to focus on core policing duties.

He said graduates of law can take up the prosecutorial functions.

He said such a move will be a win-win for the country and help to reduce graduate unemployment and make the country safer.

Using the fight against galamsey as an example, Mr. Abdulai who was a panellist on GBC News’ Current  Affairs Programme, ‘Focus’, said there are more than 5,000 LLB Certificates holders in the country not working.

It is based on this that he is suggesting LLB graduates should be employed for the prosecutorial job instead of the police.


  1. It’s a very laudable contributions to be considered if corruption is to fought with the urgency it deserves. It will go a long way to accelerating prosecutorial issues and also create employment for the legal department.


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