Mali: Expert says Junta’s continuous violation of agreements could be consequential

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo, International Relations Expert

By Nathaniel Nartey

International Relations Expert Dr. Rashid Pelpuo has warned that Mali could face a possible military intervention by ECOWAS if the interim leadership of the West African continues to violate agreements with the sub-region to return to constitutional rule. This follows recent sanctions imposed by ECOWAS in Mali which includes closure of borders and freezing of bank accounts and assets.

In an interview with GBC News Dr. Pelpuo said a military intervention by ECOWAS will be the only option following the latest set of sanctions on Mali.
”At the moment, ECOWAS has not used its Military force for a very long time and the challenge is that whenever an organization like ECOWAS fails in its decision as a result of failed negotiations the next option is to invoke a military intervention. It is the only option left but whether they can utilize it is another thing”.


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