I think McDan has some backing from Higher Authority- KKD

By Benedicta Konadu

Media, Brands and Cultural Specialist, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah popularly known as KKD says he believes Mr. Daniel McKorley may have disregarded some prior notices from the Ghana Airport Company Limited( GACL) because he probably has some strong support from government.

According to him, you can tell when people have a political backing especially when they are being opposed by some regulators.

” When people are doing things knowing that they have the backing are doing things knowing of somebody in the corridor of power you can tell, you can tell… McKorley is not an ‘idiot’ , he will not just pick his money and put it in something when he doesn’t think he has the backings of some powers “, he added.

KKD made the point on the GTV Breakfast Show.

He was contributing to the discussions following the letter issued by the Ghana Airport Company Limited, GACL suspending operations at the Private Terminal, which earlier reports had that Mr. McKorley had launched flight services for his private jet.

Mr. Kyei-Darkwah opined that there were obviously some lacks of engagements between McDan and the Management of the GACL

” I feel however that, there hasn’t been any sufficient engagement and if there hasn’t been any sufficient engagement, I don’t know why Mr. Kwakwa could not stop them from putting in so much investment “, he stated.

He however stated that, the McDan didn’t show respect to the Management of the Kotoka International Airport if the acclaimed allegations are true.

” But to hear GACL calling whoever was running that to meet when he has management team who can represent him in a meeting shows a certain disrespect from the McKorley end to Yaw Kwakwa end”, he stated.

He again stated that, there must be a way to resolve this issue.

” Let’s find a way to solve this, because I will want to see that place operates but if they have safety issues, then naturally it should be closed down for now”, KKD suggested.

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